Netspend provides debit card services which allows to add money to netspend account using the reload centers in pharmacies, grocery centers etc. deposits the pay cheques. User need to have a social security number to complete registration from Business man can use netspend activate card to track company expenses and warn/prevent from the overspending in the business services. The Netspend card's purchase fee may range between $2.95 and $4.95,

Steps to Activate Netspend Account

There are several ways one can activate their Netspend card like through online or take support from customer care or through ATM machine. The best way from these three is online.

Procedure to Activate Netspend Card Online through

If user can think he or she can activate the netspend card then they can use the below mentioned steps to make their activation more easy.
• Open the web browser and go to
• You will be redirected to the page where they ask your card number and security number.
• Type the correct details in the respective field.
• Click on "Netspend Activation" and then continue.
• Now type your personal details asked like name, address and date birth.
• Provide the name as written in your netspend card and other required details asked too.
• Congratulation! Your Netspend activate.

How to Purchase Netspend Activate Card?

There are two ways to purchase netspend activate card. 1. By visiting the nearby retailer shop and 2. Purchase the netspend activate card online. Many users uses prepaid debit card instead of conventional credit card and debit card.

Steps to get a Netspend Card Online

This is most common and convenient method to buy the netspend activate card. You can purchase by opening an account on the company's official website. To get benefits user must follow the following steps mentioned below –
1. Open the web browser and type
2. Provide name, address, email address and other details which asked.
3. Select "direct deposite" option or choose none.
4. Now create user name and strong password.
5. Also user need to answer the security question asked.
6. After completing all the steps successfully user can login their Net Spend account .
7. After that user will receive new Netspend card via U.S. Postal Service (USPS) mail in 7-to-10 business days.
8. When you received the netspend activate card, you will need to follow the printed activation and identity verification steps to start using card.

Purchase a Netspend Card at a Participating Retailer

Before purchasing the netspend activate card offline or from the retailer shop, user first need to find out who sells netspend cards. For this you need to visit the official site that is The site has a list of the retailers who sells card offline.

This site also have features to find nearby participating retailers. For this user need to provide the five digit ZIP code or city or state. After entering the valid information the tools zooms into the map of your chosen area with the red marked circular indicator at each and every participating retail location.

Click on the mark to get more information about the retailer like name, mobile no. and address of the vendor. To visit the shop click on the get direction, you will redirect to a large map with the detailed travel information to the chosen location.

Procedure to Netspend Activate through ATM Machine

Reach the nearest Netspend Debit Card ATM machine. Insert the netspend debit card ATM. Now search for the card activation option. After you find the netspend activation option, click on the option. Enter your card detail and other personal information asked. Furthermore, after providing all the valid details, ATM will notify about the card activation.

How to Get Started Netspend Activate Card?

Get up and running in 3 steps.
1. Order
2. Activate and Verify ID
3. Add Money

Security Features of Netspend Card

• FDIC-insured through the card's issuing bank
• Protection from unauthorized purchase with the help of visa Zero Liability protection or Mastercard Zero Liability protection
• Virtual Card give you the added layer of control over the purchase.
• Cashbacks or rewards.
• Load the money

NetSpend Activate via Customer Care

• Call on Netspend activate card customer care.
• After connecting the call, choose the activation service when asked.
• Provide them your personal information like address, name, date of birth etc.
• Provide the name as written in your netspend card and other required details asked too.
• Now, you will get notification of successful netspend activate.